Tick Free 

Is tick-free spray safe for puppies?
Yes, Tick Free is safe for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. This tick treatment for dogs and cats is composed using 100% natural ingredients, which makes it safe and gentle for the skin. 

Is tick-free spray suitable for all breeds of dogs? 
Yes, Tick Free is a natural spray that is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Just use 1 spray on each paw and other tick-prone areas and comb within 2-3 mins using a tick comb. 

Can we use Tick Free Spray on other animals apart from dogs and cats?
No, Tick Free spray is specially formulated for dogs and cats. It has not been tested on other animals.  

Does Eucalyptus oil remove ticks?
Yes, Eucalyptus is a pleasant-smelling oil that helps to repel ticks and pests. Tick Free is one such tick medicine for dogs and cats which contains Eucalyptus oil to keep away ticks and fleas. 

What are the symptoms of Tick Fever?
Symptoms of Tick Fever include loss of appetite, inflamed joints, difficulty in breathing, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, and swelling of the face. It can be prevented by eliminating ticks using Tick Free Spray, which is 100% Ayurvedic tick repellent. 


How many times should I take my pet for a walk in a day?

It is recommended to take your pet a minimum of two times a day. However, remember to use Tick Free spray before every walk in order to prevent and eliminate ticks.


Can Supertonic syrup improve my dog's immune system?
Yes, Supertonic is a dog multivitamin syrup that helps boost dog’s immunity and promotes the overall health of kidneys, liver, gut, brain and more. 
Can I mix Supertonic syrup with my dog's food?
Yes, Supertonic syrup is an immunity-boosting tonic for dogs and cats that can be given either directly or mixed with their food. 
What are the benefits of Kalmegh to dogs?
Kalmegh helps in building immunity, protects the liver & kidneys, reduces inflammation, controls blood sugar levels, prevents appetite loss, and more. Supertonic is one such immunity-boosting syrup for dogs and cats that is enriched with Kalmegh benefits. 
Is Moringa good for dogs?
Moringa is a superfood that is highly nutritious and contains anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, antioxidant and tissue-protective properties. Supertonic Syrup contains moringa to provide all these benefits to your pet.
What Diet Should Be Given to My Pet?
Including items like curd, boiled rice, egg, and chicken in your dog’s diet can be beneficial. Top it with dog supplements like Supertonic to ensure that your pooch receives all the necessary nutrients. 
How do I know if my dog is sick?  
If you find your dog skipping meals, showing behavioural changes, facing indigestion issues and running low on energy, they might be sick. To boost their immunity against diseases, try Supertonic, which is a 100% natural immunity booster for pets. 
Are eggs good for dogs?  
Eggs contain high-nutritional content such as proteins, iron, vitamins, and minerals. However, adding nutritional supplements like Supertonic Syrup to their diet can provide additional benefits to your pet. 
Can I give rice to my dog daily? 
Yes, you can feed rice to your dog daily but in moderation to supply the essential nutrients to them. However, wheat is a better option as compared to rice. You can add Supertonic Syrup to the regular diet of your pet and provide them with adequate nutrients. 


What medicine or supplements should I give to my old dog for better health?

Natural dog supplements like Supertonic syrup can help boost the immunity of old dogs. Moreover, it ensures head-to-tail wellness including mental, kidney, gut and liver health while eliminating weakness and lethargy.

Pacho Pet 

Can Pacho Pet Syrup be used for gastrointestinal issues in dogs?
Yes, Pacho Pet is a dog digestion medicine that relieves gastrointestinal issues such as Diarrhea, Anorexia, Vomiting, Spasms, Irregular bowel movements, and worms. 

Can I give Pacho Pet to my cat?
Yes, Pacho Pet is a herbal remedy for pet digestion that is safe for both cats as well as dogs. It not only relieves upset stomach but also boosts their digestive power. 

Is Pacho Pet Syrup suitable for diabetic dogs?
Yes, Pacho Pet is suitable for dogs with diabetes because its all-natural ingredients such as Guduchi, Vidanga, Kasani, Cardamom and Yawanika are safe and effective.

What medicine can I give my dog for an upset stomach? 
Pacho Pet is a natural pet stomach relief syrup that helps to relieve upset stomachs in both dogs and cats. It tackles indigestion issues like vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. 

Can dogs take Guduchi?
Guduchi is useful for managing various bowel issues, and constipation, contains anti-diabetic properties, and improves the digestive system. Pacho Pet is a natural syrup for digestion in pets that is enriched with the benefits of Guduchi.

What is the Period cycle of Female dogs?
In cats, the heat period lasts for an average of 7 days. However, it can vary from 1 to 21 days. During that time, if you notice symptoms like indigestion, they can be relieved using Pacho Pet

Can Parvo-virus be cured?
There is no cure for Parvo but treatment and vaccines can relieve the symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea. These symptoms can help to relieve sing Pacho Pet Syrup.  

Why does my dog eat grass?
Dogs eat grass because of lack of fibre or nutrients, anxiety, boredom or stomach worms, which leads to indigestion. Pacho Pet is a natural medicine that relieves indigestion in pets. 


Can wound healing cream be used on open wounds?
Yes, Heal Pet is an antiseptic cream for cats and dogs that is suitable for all types of wounds such as open wounds, cuts, bruises, abrasions, cuts, scratches, maggots and more. 

If my pet licks this medicine, does it have any side effects?
No, Fur Ball Story’s medicines are 100% Ayurvedic and made using natural ingredients. This makes our medicines safe and free of side effects for pets. 

Is your medicine only for dogs and cats not for any other animal?
You can use Heal Pet on other animals as it works externally. Almost every medicine of ours is suitable for dogs and cats only.

Can you use human wound cream on dogs?
Pets often lick their wounds to heal them faster. So, using human wound ointment can be highly unsafe for pets as it contains harmful chemicals. However, Heal Pet is a 100% natural wound-healing cream for dogs and cats that is safe to use. 

Does Jatyadi Oil reduce inflammation?
Jatyadi Oil is an Ayurvedic herbal oil that is used for its healing properties. This oil treats various types of wounds and injuries and controls bleeding.

Is neem safe for dog and cat wounds?
Neem is a common home remedy that is enriched with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which help in rapid wound healing. Heal Pet is a natural medicine for pets that contains the benefits of neem and various other herbs.

Eczo Pet

Which ointment is good for dog skin infection?
Eczo Pet is one of the best ointments to treat Eczema, Dermatitis, Ringworm and various other skin Infections. This topical cream for dogs and cats is chemical-free and remains gentle on their skin. 

Is neem good for the dog's skin?
Neem relieves skin infections like Eczema, Dermatitis and Ringworm. It also reduces itching and redness. Eczo Pet is one such cream that is enriched with 100% natural ingredients like Neem, Somwalka and Bakuchi to treat skin infections in pets. 

How to treat dog Dermatitis?
For skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Ringworm, etc. it is recommended to use Eczo Pet Cream, which is a topical treatment for pet skin infections. 

Is this antifungal cream safe for Dogs & Cats?
Yes, Eczo Pet has antifungal properties that relieve itching in dogs and cats. It is made by using 100% natural ingredients, thus it is a safe option even if licked by your pet.

If my pet licks your medicines, does it have any side effects?
No, Fur Ball Story’s medicines are 100% Ayurvedic and made using natural ingredients. This makes our medicines safe and free of side effects for pets.

Is your medicine only for dogs and cats, not for any other animal?
You can use Eczo Pet on other animals as it works externally. Almost every medicine of ours is suitable for dogs and cats only.

My pet has an allergy in his body, what can I do to cure it?
Skin problems can be treated using Eczo Pet, which is an all-natural cream for dogs and cats. It relieves itching, dryness and outbreaks while preventing any further damage. 

Jump-O-Joint Tablet 

Are joint tablets good for dogs?
Joint support tablets for dogs like Jump-O-Joint help to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by Arthritis, Hip dysplasia, dislocations and other joint diseases. Best Part - they are 100% natural. 

What is the best joint supplement for dogs?
One of the best joint care supplements for dogs and cats is Jump-O-Joint, which is a joint pain medicine for dogs and cats. It not only eases the pain but also relieves inflammation. 

Does Guggulu help with joint pain?
Shuddha Guggulu relieves joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Jump-O-Joint is one such supplement that contains Guggulu, Haldi, Amla, Adrak and more to ease the pain in various joint diseases. 

Is it possible to cure Joint Problems in dogs?
Yes, joint problems can be relieved using medicines like Jump-O-Joint Tablet which helps to soothe joint pain and stiffness, and Jump-O-Joint Oil to ease chronic joint diseases.

Jump-O-Joint Oil 

What oil is best for dogs' joint pain?
Jump-O-Joint Oil is one of the best joint pain relief oil for dogs and cats, which is made using 100% natural ingredients. 

Can joint pain oil improve mobility in dogs?
Yes, if you gently massage Jump-O-Joint Oil, you can improve mobility and relieve pain in your pet. The use of Ayurvedic herbs makes this oil highly safe and effective. 

Is joint pain oil safe for long-term use in dogs? 
One of the best Joint pain medicine for dogs & cats is Jump-O-Joint Oil, which is made using all-natural ingredients, thus making it safe to use in the long run to tackle joint pain.

Is it possible to cure Joint Problems in dogs? 
Yes, joint problems can be relieved using medicines like Jump-O-Joint Tablet which helps to soothe joint pain and stiffness, and Jump-O-Joint Oil to ease chronic joint diseases. 

Fev Pet 

What can I give my dog for fever?
Fev Pet is one of the best Pet fever control solutions that not only relieves fever but also cough, cold and body pain that often accompanies fever. 

Can we give human medicines like paracetamol for fever or any other medicine to dogs?
No, paracetamol can cause poisoning in pets. Instead, use Fev Pet which is 100% natural fever medicine to control fever, cold, cough and body temperature in dogs and cats. 

What is a normal dog temperature? 
Normal body temperature for dogs and cats is 101.0 to 102.5 degrees F (38.3 to 39.2 degrees C). If your pet’s temperature rises high and they show signs of fever, give them Fev Pet Syrup, which naturally relieves fever-related symptoms in pets. 

Which Ayurvedic medicine is most suitable for Fever in Pets?
To relieve fever in pets, Fev Pet Syrup is the most recommended medicine that controls body temperature, Cough, Cold and relieves body pain during fever in dogs and cats.

Is papaya leaf safe for pets?
Papaya Leaf contains antipyretic properties that help to cure fever. Fev Pet is one such supplement that contains Papaya leaf extract to cure fever, cough and cold in pets. 

Calm Pet 

Can I give my dog calming tablets every day? 

Yes, Calm Pet can be given twice a day to dogs and cats depending on their breed size. For cats and dogs of small breeds, 1 tablet twice a day is advised, whereas for dogs of large breeds, 2-3 tablets twice a day is recommended.  

Do calming tablets work on dogs? 
Yes, Calm Pet is an all-natural pet anxiety medication for dogs and cats who are facing anxiety, stress, fear, aggression and so on. 

Why is my pet afraid of Loud Noises?
Loud noises like that of thunderstorms and music cause anxiety and stress in pets. Try Calm Pet Tablet, which is a 100% natural and safe medicine for dogs and cats.

Worm No More 

When to give deworming tablets to dogs?
It is recommended to deworm your dogs and cats at a regular interval of every 3 months. Use 100% natural deworming tablets such as Worm No More which is safe and vet-approved.

What are the symptoms of worms in dogs?
Some of the common signs of stomach worms are- diarrhoea, vomiting, swollen abdomen, lethargy, dehydration, cough, etc. Choose natural deworming tablets like Worm No More which has no side effects and is highly effective.

Does deworming have any side effects?
Yes, pets can exhibit mild side effects such as vomiting, lethargy, nausea, or diarrhoea after deworming. Prefer using Worm No More, India's 1st Ayurvedic Deworming Tablets for Dogs & Cats. 

Cool Pet 

Do dogs get sun damage?
Dogs and cats are highly prone to sun damage, specifically in areas like the ears, nose, lips, eyelids and belly with little or no hair. To prevent this, try Cool Pet by Fur Ball Story, a 100% natural lotion for pets that keeps their skin protected and nourished. 

Can we use human cream or moisturiser for my kitten’s Paw?
No, pets might lick human-based creams which contain chemical content that is highly unsafe for them. Alternatively, try Cool Pet- a naturally moisturising sunscreen for dogs. 

What is the best chemical-free sunscreen?
Cool Pet is Moisturizing Sunscreen For Dogs that is made using 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals, which ensures the safety of pets. 

Can I use human sunscreen on my dog?
No, using human-based sunscreen for your pet is not recommended as it contains harmful chemicals that can be ingested by your pet. Use dog-friendly natural sunscreen like Cool Pet to protect and nourish their skin.

Shampooch For Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat 

How many times should I bathe my Cat/Dog?
It is recommended to bathe your dog 2 times a month using mild cleansers such as Shampooch Healthy Skin and Shiny Fur. It is one of the best herbal dog shampoo that relieves hairfall and itchy skin.

Can I bathe my dog with human shampoo?
No, using human-based shampoo for your pet is not recommended as its PH Level harms your dog’s skin. Use dog-friendly natural shampoo like Shampooch Healthy Skin and Shiny Fur to deeply cleanse the fur and nourish the skin. 

Is it necessary to timely groom my Pet?
Short-haired dog breeds need brushing at least once a week, but medium and long-haired dog breeds require daily brushing to reduce shedding and hairfall. Use herbal dog shampoos like Shampooch to keep your pet’s skin healthy and fur shiny. 

What are the main ingredients of Dog shampoo?
Shampooch for Healthy Skin and Shiny Fur is made using 100% natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Lemongrass and Clove extracts. 

Shampooch Tick free

What essential oils repel ticks on dogs?
Essential oils like Geranium, Citronella, Tea tree, Aloe Vera and Neem Extract help to repel ticks and fleas in dogs. Tick Free Shampooch is a natural dog shampoo that contains these extracts. 

Canni Clean 

Can oral hygiene spray prevent tartar buildup?
Yes, using oral hygiene spray like Canni Clean prevents the formation of tartar in pets. Additionally, it helps to maintain freshness of breath, combats paleness and eliminates harmful bacteria. 

Does oral hygiene spray prevent gum disease in pets?
Yes, Canni Clean is an all-natural spray that prevents gum diseases like Stomatitis, Periodontitis, Gingivitis, Oral Injuries and more. 

What ingredients should I look for in oral hygiene spray?
Some of the natural herbs like Wintergreen, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Saunf, Laung, Black Cumin, and Tulsi help in maintaining oral hygiene. Canni Clean comprises all these ingredients, to ensure the dental hygiene of pets.  

Is peppermint safe for my dog?
Peppermint is generally safe for dogs when given in small quantities. It freshens up breath, prevents gum diseases, and more. Canni Clean is an oral hygiene spray that incorporates the benefits of peppermint and various other herbs. 

Shampooch Puppy Care 

Can I bathe my puppy with normal shampoo?
The pH level and chemicals of normal shampoos can be harmful to the puppy's delicate skin. To prevent any irritation, it is best to use a mild cleaner like Shampooch Puppy Care, which is formulated specifically to suit the delicate skin of puppies. 

Is puppy shampoo safe to use on all breeds and coat types?
Yes, Shampooch Puppy Care is safe for all types of breeds and coats of puppies. It cleanses as well as nourishes the skin of puppies. 

Can puppy care shampoo help with common skin issues? 
Yes, Shampooch Puppy Care consists of natural ingredients that offer multifaceted benefits such as eczema, inflammation, hairfall, itchy, dry and flaky skin. 

Is puppy shampoo the same as dog shampoo?
No, Shampooch Puppy Care, as the name suggests, is designed especially for the delicate skin of puppies. On the other hand, Shampooch Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat is made to gently cleanse the fur of dogs. 

FBS First Aid Kit 

What should be in a pet first aid kit?
Pet First Aid Kit must have medicines for fever, indigestion, skin infections, ticks, syringes, etc. You can find all these medicines in one medicine box, i.e. FBS First Aid Kit. Best part- this kit contains both general treatments and Ayurvedic medicines for dogs and cats. 

Do dogs need a first aid kit?
Dogs being playful animals always remain vulnerable to accidents. Since it is not always convenient to have immediate access to a vet, every pet parent must have a first aid kit handy at home for any untoward situation.

CanniVin Spray for Healthy Skin & Shiny Fur 

What are the best ingredients for dog fur?
Ingredients like Vitamin E, A, B7, Omega 3, Biotin, Copper, etc are best for dog fur. Find all these ingredients in CanniVin Spray for Healthy Skin and Shiny Fur, enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to promote haircare in pets.   

How can I make my dog's fur shiny?
Try using nutritional supplements like CanniVin Spray for Healthy Skin and Shiny Fur to control hairfall.

General Queries 

Do these Medicines Have any Side Effects?
No, all medicines by Fur Ball Story are 100% Ayurvedic and made using natural ingredients. Thus, they are safe for your pet and have no side effects. 

What is the schedule of vaccination?
It totally depends on the breed and age of your dog. Tap to learn about Dog Vaccination and Immunization: A Comprehensive Guide 

How many times should I visit a vet doctor for a general checkup?
For puppies and kittens, it is recommended to visit a veterinary clinic once a month, whereas adult pets should visit twice a year for routine checkups and vaccinations. 

What Vegetables can I give to my pet?
Vegetables like Bottle Gourd, Spinach, Carrot, Green Beans, Broccoli, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Sweet Potato, and Green Peas can be given to dogs. Tap to learn more about Top 10 Dog-friendly Vegetables

Can I feed my dog homemade food every day?
Yes, dogs can eat homemade food every day. However, it is important to boost the nutritional properties of regular food with oral supplements like CanniVin Spray or Pawsible Food Topper

Are Supplements necessary for my Pet?
Yes, supplements help to provide essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, which are missing from their regular diet. Check out Fur Ball Story’s natural range of Oral Supplements for Pets.

Why is my Pet always biting things?
Puppies generally chew things around because of anxiety, teething, boredom, hunger, or as an attention-seeking behaviour. Tap to learn more about Why Do Dogs Chew Things Around?

Why is my pet always itching his body?
Some of the reasons for itching in pets can be fleas, allergies, dermatitis, mange, eczema or any other skin problem. To relieve these problems, here the best recommended medicines for skin infections.

Which supplement can I give to my Puppy for better growth?
Oral supplements like Cannivin Puppy Growth and Development Spray provide essential nutrients required apart from their regular diet.

Can I Purchase your medicines from the Nearest Clinic or Medical Store?
You can Visit the Nearest Vet Clinic for more information Otherwise, we Deliver medicines to your doorstep.

How long does the medicines take to show the effect?
You can see the results within 1-2 weeks. 

After giving him this medicine he will not have this problem again?
Most of our medicines are preventive and curative. However, it depends on the cause of the disease. If it is from birth then it might happen again but if it is sudden, then it is curable.

As it's Ayurvedic, will it take months or years to cure any issue?
No, most of the medicines by Fur Ball Story show the result within 1-2 weeks. 

In how many days will I receive this medicine?
Delivery of Fur Ball Story’s products takes around 4-5 days. However, it might vary depending on your location. 

Are there any extra charges to deliver at home?
Delivery charges depend on the Mode of Payment. If you choose cash on delivery, you have to pay delivery charges, but if you choose prepaid delivery, no extra charges will be levied.

What are your delivery charges if I want to order through Cash on delivery?
Delivery charges are 50/- Rupees if you choose to pay via Cash on Delivery. 

How can I get in touch with you to take suggestions and clear any doubts?
To connect with Fur Ball Story's team, give us a call/message at +91-9560106752

Where is your Pet Retreat located?
Fur Ball Story Pet Retreat is in Sector 63, Gurugram. The address is Kila no. 20, Nagli Umarpur, Sector 63, Near Swastik Hospital, Gurugram. You can also search for ‘Fur Ball Story Pet Retreat’ on Google Maps for navigation.

What are the charges for pet taxi?
The pet taxi charges are Rs. 20 per km + GST.

What are the charges for dog boarding?
Charges for day boarding are Rs. 500 + GST and overnight charges may vary between Rs. 750 – Rs. 1000 + GST. We can also customize a package according to your needs.

What kind of pet care services do you provide?
We provide Dog training, Dog Boarding, Pet taxi and Pet Therapy. We also have 1 Dog Friendly Cafes in Gurgaon.

How do I schedule pet care services? Can I meet the person who will be watching my pet?
For bookings, you can call or WhatsApp us at 9582112979. You are most welcome to visit our Pet Retreat in Sector 63, Gurgaon, and meet the staff as well.

Do you provide any services for cats as well?
As of now, we only provide services for dogs.


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