Canni Clean - Oral Hygiene For Dogs & Cats 100 ML

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Is your dog's breath unpleasant or does he run away from brushing? Don't underestimate the importance of your furry friend's dental hygiene since it is vital for their overall well-being. If your dog has bad breath or shows any sign of gum and teeth paleness, it is time to upgrade their dental care routine. That's where Canni Clean comes to the rescue! It is the ultimate solution to keep your canine companion's oral health in check and ensure their breath remains fresh. This multifunctional mouth spray also combats pale gums and teeth and eliminates harmful bacteria from the oral cavity. Canni Clean offers an array of benefits to enhance your dog's oral wellness, check them out below:


Gandhapura Patra Taila

Aromatic, anti-bacterial, kills bad odour-causing bacteria

Tailaparna Taila

Anti-bacterial, analgesic & aromatic

Misreya Taila

Aromatic, carminative & soothing properties

Lavanga & Tulsi Taila

Strong analgesic & local anaesthetic
Peppermint Satva Cooling, anti-bacterial & antiseptic in nature



✅ The aromatic properties help in maintaining the freshness of your pet's breath.

✅ Its antibacterial and analgesic properties contribute to a healthier oral cavity, promoting strong gums and teeth.

✅ The strong antibacterial nature effectively kills odour-causing bacteria, leaving your pet's mouth smelling pleasant.

✅Its analgesic and local anaesthetic properties can help alleviate any discomfort your dog might experience in their oral cavity.

✅ Canni Clean provides a cooling and antiseptic effect, contributing to a soothing and refreshing experience for your dog.

DOSAGE: 1-2 pumps or as directed by the physician.

Why Canni Clean?

Incorporate Canni Clean into your dog's dental regimen to make oral care a cakewalk for both you and your dog. It is more than just a mouth spray that offers a holistic dental wellness solution for your canine companion. With this effective product, you can ensure your dog's oral health remains in top shape, their breath stays fresh, and discomfort is kept at bay. Experience the convenience of Canni Clean Spray and enhance the quality of life for your furry family member!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Lakshay Thakur

Effective against unpleasant breath of dog.

nice product :>

Very nice product at this price.

Ranjit Singhania

Good oral spray but looks like water. :)


Acha mouth spray hai.

Samaira Verma

A must-have oral hygiene spray.

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