Supertonic Syrup: Ensures Head to Tail Wellness of Dogs & Cats - 200ml

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Enhance Your Dog's Wellness from Head to Tail with Supertonic Syrup for dogs and cats. Unlock the power of this ayurvedic syrup for your beloved canine companion with India's first-ever syrup of its kind that is crafted to elevate your dog's overall well-being and boost their immunity. This Natural pet wellness syrup is a blend of natural ingredients like Moringa, Amla, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Punarnava and Kalmegh carefully selected for their health-boosting properties.  

Product Highlights

  • A Natural Holistic Health Booster
  • Boosts Overall Head to Tail Wellness
  • Improves Immunity & Mental Agility
  • Promotes Kidney & Liver Health
  • Eliminates Weakness & Lethargy
  • Enhances Gut Health


Moringa Source of micronutrients, vitamins & antioxdants 
Aloe vera Promotes digestion, skin health & protects liver
Amla Anti-ageing & antioxidant
Punarnava Provides protection from kidney diseases
Ashwagandha Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, memory enhancer
Giloy Immunity booster and liver protector
Kalmegh Hepatoprotective, appetite stimulant, immunomodulator & protects liver from injuries

Supertonic Benefits

✅ This Pet wellness tonic syrup addresses multiple aspects of your dog's health, covering everything from their kidneys and liver to their gut and brain.
✅ With natural ingredients like giloy and amla benefits, this syrup boosts immunity, protecting them against common health issues.
✅ The natural herbs such as moringa benefits gut health, ensuring your dog's digestion and protecting them from stomach problems. 
✅ It contains ingredients like ashwagandha to support your dog's neurological health and overall mental agility


  • Puppies: Small Breed: 1 ml Twice Daily, Large Breed: 2 ml Twice Daily
  • Dogs: Small Breed: 5 ml Twice Daily, Large Breed: 10 ml Twice Daily
  • Cats: 2.5 ml Twice Daily

Best Before 36 Months from the date of manufacturing.

Dimension: 5.5*5.5*14 cm

Why Choose Supertonic?

Supertonic Syrup is an ayurvedic liver tonic for dogs & cats that promotes their overall health. It has micronutrients, vitamins, and moringa benefits, which make the bones strong, and shield them from kidney and liver diseases. It can even help boost the immune system and make their memory sharp. This immune booster syrup contains amla benefits that promote good bacteria in the gut for their overall health. So, choosing Supertonic Syrup is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Supertonic:  

1. Can Supertonic syrup improve my dog's immune system?
Yes, Supertonic helps to boost the immunity of dogs apart from promoting the overall health of kidneys, liver, gut, brain and more. 
2. Can I mix Supertonic syrup with my dog's food?
Yes, Supertonic syrup can be given either directly to dogs or can be mixed with their food. 
3. What are the benefits of Kalmegh to dogs?
Kalmegh helps in building immunity, protecting liver & kidneys, reducing inflammation, controlling blood sugar & pressure levels, preventing appetite loss, and more. 
4. Is Moringa good for dogs?
Moringa is a superfood that is highly nutritious and contains anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, antioxidant and tissue-protective properties. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Deepak Kumar


Jayalvinoth Vinoth

Effective product. my dog happy

Dibyendu Dutta

supertonic Syrup, Very Good wellness & nutrition syrup for dog.

Dinesh Botare

Very effective Super Tonic Syrup, wellness & Nutrition syrup for Dog

Sarthak sute

Super Tonic, Best Syrup for my dog Overall Wellness & Nutrition

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