Rainy Remedies – Monsoon Care Kit for Dogs

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Rainy Remedies

Don’t let rainy days wash away your pup’s spirit, equip them with Rainy Remedies. Standing as one of the best rainy remedies, it helps them enjoy the natural shower with no worries. Our exclusive Monsoon Care Kit for dogs is thoughtfully blended to ensure your beloved companion stays comfortable and healthy throughout the rainy season. This combo pack comprises three essential products – Basil No Tick Shampoo, Tick Spray and Eczo Pet. Check out the further details below:

What’s Inside?


The first product is an Ayurvedic dog shampoo called Basil No Tick Shampoo. It is an all-natural cleanser to combat fleas, ticks, and other bugs while keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy. The shampoo is made with natural ingredients like neem oil and aloe vera, which soothe and moisturise your dog’s skin while effectively removing parasites.


The second product “Tick free” is an Ayurvedic anti-tick and flea spray for dogs. It is made from natural ingredients that help in repelling pests without harming your dog’s skin. This easy to use product can be sprayed directly onto your dog’s fur or any other affected area. With Tick Free, you can protect your furry friend from the discomfort and health risks associated with tick and flea infestations while using a gentle and safe product.


The third product is “Eczo Pet” – an Ayurvedic skin cream for dogs. Formulated with ayurvedic ingredients such as Neem, Somavalka, Bakuchi, it provides relief from various skin conditions such as eczema, mange, dermatitis, etc. This cream also helps to soothe itching, redness, dryness, and inflammation, promoting overall skin health for your pet. Its gentle and non-toxic formula makes Eczo Pet a safe and effective solution for managing your dog’s skin issues.

Key Features 

✅ Effective in removing fleas, ticks and reducing health risks.

✅ Soothes your dog’s skin, preventing dryness and discomfort.

✅ Ensures the comfort of your dog despite the weather conditions.

✅ All-natural and Ayurvedic solution that ensures safety for your pet.

✅ Offers relief from skin conditions like itching, eczema, redness, etc.

✅ Contains a blend of products to address specific rainy season challenges.

Why Rainy Remedies?

This all-natural rainy remedies kit is an effective solution to ensure the well-being of your furry friend during the rainy season. Enjoy a playful monsoon with your pooch knowing that he is well-protected and pampered with the finest natural ingredients. Experience the joy of seeing your dog happy, healthy, and free from pesky parasites and skin issues throughout the rainy days. Order Now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sakshi G

Good product rains session for pet

Sakshi G

V good

Viswash Singh

safe and effective solution for ticks removal.

Arpit Dhyani

Very Good for ticks.

anish singh singh
Chemical free products

Best combo with ayurvedic products and chemical free shampoo.

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