Healthy Hound Kit - For Physical & Mental Wellbeing of Dogs

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Healthy Hound Kit

Does your dog often face anxiety issues and refuse to eat afterwards? Healthy Hound Kit by Fur Ball Story has your back. It offers a powerful combination of Calm Pet and CanniVin Multivitamin Spray that ensures both the physical and mental wellness of your beloved pet. It provides a stress-free lifestyle and deeply nourishes your pet internally. To know more, check out the detailed description below!

What’s Inside?

1. Calm Pet Tablets 

Maintaining a balanced mental state in dogs has become easier with Calm Pet. It tackles stress, anxiety, and anger issues in dogs. With a blend of natural ingredients, it gently relieves your pet from within. Whether it is separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or travel-related stress, Calm Pet deals with all the stressful conditions and balances out their behaviour. Tap here to know more.

2. CanniVin Multivitamin Spray

CanniVin Oral Nutritional Spray – Multivitamin is an oral supplement that provides the necessary vitamins to your pet. This premium spray helps to maintain the overall wellness of your pet by boosting their immunity. Moreover, it ensures stronger bones, a shinier coat, optimal organ function for your pet which keeps them happy and healthy. Tap Here to know more.

Key Features 

It provides essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

✅ It helps to ensure strong bones, a shiny coat and optimal organ function.

 It fulfils the nutritional deficiency that comes from insufficient diet intake.

 It soothes your dog’s nervous system, eliminates stress, and balances behaviour.

✅ It promotes faster recovery from diseases, and an overall improved quality of life.

 It strengthens the immune system with better protection against common infections.

Why Healthy Hound Kit?

“Healthy Hound Kit” is an ideal choice for pet owners who aim at the simultaneous physical and mental well-being of their pets. By combining the soothing effects of Calm Pet and the nourishing properties of CanniVin Multivitamin, this combination furnishes a peaceful and healthy activity for your pet. To gift your dog the ultimate present of health and happiness, Buy now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Aarav Gusain
Easy to use

Easy to use, as dog loves it.

Anirudh Mishra

Vitamin goodness in seconds!


brand name is enough for this combo. good products.


Most loved multi vitamin supplement for my dog.

Yash Sharma

Ultimate Combo. Also got delivered the product very fast.

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