CanniVin Multi-Vitamin Spray For Dogs - 20 ML

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CanniVin Multi-Vitamin Spray

Say goodbye to your dog’s tantrums over forced pills and messy powders. CanniVin Multi-vitamin Oral Spray is a convenient and hassle-free way to provide all the essential nutrients to your beloved pet with utmost ease. It provides the necessary nourishment missing from your dog’s diet.  It prevents fatigue, mental dullness, weakness, hair loss, dry & flaky skin, and poor vision while ensuring healthy growth and development. Check out the highlights of the product below:


Zinc Prevents infections and abnormal metabolism
Selenium Prevents muscle weakness, loss of appetite and breathing issues
Iodine Controls hair thinning, intolerance, mental dullness, obesity, and cold
Stevia Controls deficiency and substitutes sugar and calories in diabetic dogs
Vitamins Supports vision, neurological development, immune function and coat health


✅ It promotes teeth and bone development and replenishes your dog’s energy.

✅ It enhances vision, neurological and immune function while preventing deficiencies.

✅ It prevents fatigue, muscle weakness, mental dullness, weight loss, and immune diseases.

✅It provides the nutrients that are missing from your dog’s diet due to lack of appetite.


With just one spray shot, you can bridge the nutritional gap in your dog. For better results, use the CanniVin spray 2-3 times a day for overcoming any deficiency that is left in the regular diet of your pet. Also, check How Cannivin Keeps Your Pets Healthy!

Why CanniVin Multi-Vitamin Spray?

CanniVin Multi-vitamin Oral Spray offers a revolutionary solution with its hassle-free and convenient usage. By incorporating this oral spray into your dog’s daily routine, you can ensure the supply of vital nutrients essential for your pet’s well-being. From preventing fatigue and mental dullness to promoting healthy growth and development, it addresses various concerns. Make nourishment an enjoyable experience for your dog with CanniVin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Good product

Good product for my furry health.

Radhika Chauhan
Dog vitamins

My dog likes it. Good multi vitamin spray.

Improvement in health after use.

Seen improvement in my dogs overall health after taking it for few days.

Parth Naithani
He loves it.

This multi vitamin spray is like a treat for my dog. He loves it.

Deepak Negi
very good product

A very good product which fulfills over requirements of canines.

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