CanniVin Puppy Growth & Development Spray For Dogs - 20 ML

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CanniVin – Puppy Growth & Development

Concerned about your puppy’s growth and development? Worry no more with CanniVin Oral Spray for Puppy Growth & Development. It is designed to eliminate your worries by supporting your little companion’s journey to becoming a healthy and happy adult dog. Discover the wide range of features that are present in this product. Read below for more detailed information.


 Potassium Teeth development & protection from infections, anaemia
Iron Help on formation of red blood cells and support the transportation of oxygen
Omega 3 Prevents dull coat, dry skin, itching & ensures quick wound healing
Vitamins Improves muscular, neurological, reproductive & growth functions
Selenium Supports antioxidants, reproduction, & thyroid metabolism
Manganese For metabolism, calcium absorption & blood sugar regulation


✅ Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, it is a complete package that promotes your puppy’s development.

✅ The vital nutrients present in CanniVin improve vision, immune function, and skin health among numerous other benefits.

✅ CanniVin Oral Spray for dogs ensures blood sugar regulation and neurological, reproductive, and metabolism functions.

✅ The quick healing of infections and growth of bones, hair, nails, and muscles is also covered by this easy to use spray.


The supplement is applied via oral spray which is super convenient to use for your little puppy. A spray shot 2-3 times a day is enough to get the job done. One bottle can be sufficient for a month’s dosage. Tap here to learn How to Use CanniVin Puppy Growth and Development Oral Spray. 

Why CanniVin Puppy Growth?

With CanniVin Oral Spray for Puppy Growth & Development, ensure your puppy receives the utmost care and support during its critical developmental stages. Address the unique needs of growing puppies by providing essential nutrients with this easy-to-use spray. Witness your puppy’s growth and transformative journey to a long, active, and fulfilling life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Expensive but good

Expensive but good.

Divya Kandari
I am happy so worth getting It.

I was looking for healthy supplements for my dog especially ones that are good for their development and all other daily vitamins needs, these are a hit and I am happy so worth getting It.

Rohitansh Rawat

Good for my puppy. Overall good product but price little expensive.

Priya V Rawat

Single spray with all vitamins and minerals.


I will continue to give her this spray. Very Effective.

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