BASIL Anti-Dandruff Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs - 250 ML

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Is your furry friend facing dandruff issues? Want to put an end to their daily struggles? Basil's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is here to rescue your beloved dog's coat and skin. By providing a range of benefits that go beyond ordinary dog shampoos, it gives your dog the gift of healthy and dandruff-free skin with this shampoo. Check out the benefits mentioned below to pamper your pet with the finest in canine care.

Key Features 

✅ Active Ingredients: Due to active ingredients, this shampoo effectively controls and reduces scurf in dogs by incorporating this shampoo in regular usage.

✅ Added Protection: The premium canine shampoo is crafted to meet the specific needs of dogs by providing approximately 30% extra washes as compared to the local shampoos.

✅ Natural Formula: The usage of Basil oil, aloevera benefits and lemongrass benefit makes it a natural antibacterial and soothing agent. It includes elements that offer UV protection from sun damage. 

✅ Paraben Free: The absence of Parabens in this product protects your beloved pooch against allergies, dryness, itching and other skin problems. 

Directions of Use  

Simply wet your dog's coat with warm water and apply the shampoo. Gently massage this dog shampoo from head to tail while avoiding contact with eyes. The shampoo forms a good lather, facilitating a thorough cleanse. Allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly while ensuring that all the shampoo is washed away. Dry your pet using an absorbent towel. 

Why Anti-Dandruff Shampoo? 

Basil's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo can prove to be a game-changer that stands as one of the best antidandruff shampoo to dandruff issues while pampering your pet with premium hair care. Let dandruff woes away by making a happier and healthier companion. Since your dog too desires a radiant coat and itch-free skin!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
One of the best

I have used it for my dogs and it worked wonder!


Reduced my dogs dandruff.


Good Product. Thanks for this product.

Chaudhary Deepika

Effective for dandruff related problems.

Rishi malik

Good anti dandruff shampoo. price is good.

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