why dogs eat grass

As a pet parent who owns a dog, you may have seen it munching on grass at least a few times while out on walks. Puzzled, why do dogs eat grass? Don’t be! Grass eating is a commonly noted behavior among dogs. However, the reasons for eating grass may vary from dog to dog. If this behavior of your dog eating grass has left you wondering more often than not, then continue reading because we might have some answers for you.

Listed below are a few reasons that could be responsible for your dog’s behavior:

Natural Instincts

Dogs by nature are omnivores, hence a good mix of plant and meat is what gets their palette going. Not to mention, a few theories lead us to believe that dogs may have an instinctive drive to eat grass as their wild ancestors may have survived on plants as part of their diet. Hence, snacking on grass comes naturally to most dogs.

Lack Of Fiber

A dog’s meal is incomplete without consuming roughage found in fiber because it aids in an efficiently functioning digestive system. So, if you find your dog snacking on a lot of grass, you may want to take a look at his diet which might be lacking some fibers.

Hints Of Anxiety

Usually dogs eating grass is not something to be worried about. However, if you notice your dog being less active and more lethargic, it could be a sign of anxiety. Separation and other forms of anxiety is nothing new in dogs. If reading this is getting you anxious, take a deep breath and relax. Calm Pet – Anti Anxiety Tablets can help. Calm Pet is an anti-anxiety tablet formulated with natural ingredients that help your dogs stay calm and relaxed. But remember – it directly impacts the pet’s central nervous system, which takes at least 3 weeks.


If you find your dog running around munching on smaller chunks of grass, fret not. This is likely their way of trying to escape boredom or an attempt at getting you to pay attention to them. Either case, you have nothing to worry about.

Signs Of Sickness

In certain cases, dogs eating excessive grass could be a sign of distress or sickness. Eating grass may help dogs with sickness or other issues, such as upset stomachs, by inducing vomiting or providing fiber to help move things along in their digestive system. If you are sensing any such distress from your pooch, we recommend you use Pacho Pet – Digestive Stimulant and Bowel Regulator. Enriched with nature’s healing powers, Pacho Pet is highly effective in boosting the digestive system by improving the secretion of digestive enzymes .

Low In Nutrient Diet

Another circulating theory states how this grass-eating behavior could also be due to the low nutrients in the diet of your pup. Dogs may eat grass if they are lacking certain plant based nutrients or fibers in their diet. In this case, the dogs tend to wander around snacking on the grass to make up for the lacking nutrients.

For Fun’s Sake

Dogs may also eat grass simply because they enjoy the taste or texture of it, or because they are bored or curious.

Eating small amounts of grass is generally not harmful for dogs, eating large quantities or pesticides and fertilizers consumption can be dangerous. If you suspect the reason behind the behavior is digestive issues, anxiety, or lacking vitamins and nutrients, note the medicine and supplement range of Fur Ball Story.

However, if you notice your dog eating large chunks of grass or exhibiting other signs of distress, it is best to consult a veterinarian and rule out any underlying health issues.