Is winter difficult for dogs

The months of December through February are agonizingly cold for both humans and dogs. The chilled breezes and dipping temperature leads to many health problems. Our pooches are prone to many diseases that are common during winter. Some of the common winter diseases in dogs are:

 Sniffles: This upper respiratory infection causes a runny nose, coughing, tiredness, sneezing, and watery eyes, among other symptoms. The majority of pets often have this ailment. Therefore, try to wrap a blanket over the dog, make your dog drink lots of water to keep them hydrated, and use a humidifier at home. In case you spot any of these symptoms, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

Flu: Flu frequently impacts the pooches in winter. The dogs may develop a fever, a dry cough, a runny nose, or even ear infections. If you spot any of these symptoms visit the vet immediately to prevent the condition from worsening.

Cold: Just like humans, cold can make our dogs feel uneasy. Therefore, when it’s freezing outdoors, make sure your pet is in a warm spot at home, covered with a blanket and jacket.

Taking care of our pets is not a difficult task. They show a series of symptoms that can help you understand that something isn’t right and that he might be suffering silently. Here are some symptoms you need to keep an eye on:

  • Shivering
  • Sneezing
  • Dry cough
  • Staying alone in a corner
  • Not eating properly

These signs indicate that your dog isn’t feeling well and needs immediate care and attention. Here are a few things that you must do for your cuddle buddy throughout winter, especially, from December to February, when it’s windy and the air is extremely cold.

  1. Stay In and Keep Them In

Our pooches love to play outside but when the temperature is dropping day by day, we need to keep them in against their will. Try taking them for walks and outdoor activities while the sun is shining. This will keep them safe from cold and winter chills.

  1. Wrap Them In Warm Woolen Jackets

Can you picture going outside in the chilly weather without a sweater or a high-collared jacket? Your pet is subject to the same rules. Get your pet jackets that fit them right. Don’t get them oversized jackets as they will let the air in which can make them sick. But when the sun is out, the jackets should be off as well. Your pooches’ fur needs some Vitamin D so let them soak it on without any clothing on.

  1. Don’t Cut The Furrrrrr

Fur is their natural warmer. Their coat keeps them warm naturally. During winters, avoid cutting or shaving their fur, and on their bath day, wait till their fur is completely dry. This is necessary because they can fall sick easily if you take them out while they are wet. Keep them inside and use a humidifier but also ensure they are not too close to it (they may end up burning themselves!).

Apart from these, you can also make changes in their diets. Give them highly nutritious food while keeping them hydrated. If you identify starting symptoms of flu-like fever, cough, and cold,  immediately turn to ayurvedic medicines such as Fev Pet from Fur Ball Story is a good idea. This will help nip these symptoms in the bud. If your dog belongs to small breeds, give them 0.5 ml twice a day and if they belong to large breeds, give them 2-3 ml twice a day. Fev Pet will help you deal with the fever. After giving the medicine, check your doggo’s temperature after every 2 hrs. Do this for a day. Monitoring their fever is very important because if the temperature rises to 106 degrees, it can be life-threatening.

Keep your pooches healthy and cozy this winter to ensure they don’t compromise on the fun this season.