Hound Healing Kit: Skin Healing Products for Dogs & Cats

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Our pets are at continuous risk of getting injured and wounded. The open wounds are prone to infections because of micro-organisms. So, to heal your pet effectively and naturally, Hound Healing Kit is the solution. The ultimate combination of natural products is precisely crafted to soothe and heal your furry friend. This Kit consists of two products- Eczo Pet and Heal Pet.

What’s Inside?

1. Eczo Pet (60gm)

Eczo Pet is an Ayurvedic broad-spectrum skin cream that is carefully designed for dogs and cats. The use of natural ingredients like neem, bakuchi, and somavalka makes it an effective remedy for treating multiple skin conditions such as itching, redness, dryness, inflammation, etc. This cream also helps to soothe and moisturize the skin, promoting overall skin health for your furry friend. With its gentle and non-toxic formula, Eczo Pet is a safe solution for dealing with your pet’s skin issues.

  • Dimension: 3.7*3.7*14.4 cm
  • Best Before: 36 Months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Usage: Apply over the affected area & leave it for 4 to 6 hours (or as directed by the Veterinary Physician)  

2. Heal Pet (50gm)

Heal Pet is an anti-microbial and wound-healing cream for pets. Natural ingredients like neem, jati and Mulethi, have been known in Ayurveda for their rapid healing properties. This cream soothes minor cuts, damaged tissues, and wounds in pets while protecting them from infections. Its gentle and non-toxic formula makes it safe for use on all pet breeds. With regular use, Heal Pet can keep your furry friend’s skin healthy and nourished and prevent infections.

  • Dimension: 3.7*3.7*14.4 cm
  • Best Before: 24 Months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Usage: Apply over the affected area & leave it for 4 to 6 hours (or as directed by the Veterinary Physician)  

Key Features  

 It treats and rapidly heals various chronic skin conditions.

 It prevents open wounds from further infections and maggot infestations.

 It contains all-natural, anti-fungal, anti-allergic & antiseptic properties.

 It assures visible results by nurturing and restoring your pet’s skin.

Why Injury & Infection Protection Combo Pack? 

To prevent wounds from getting further infected with bacterial attacks, Hound Healing Kit is the solution. Heal your pet effectively and naturally with Eczo Pet and Heal Pet Combo. Order now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
It's really healfull for my dog wounds and fungal infection


Suzanne D'costa
Very handy

Since it's ayurvedic I can trust the ointments blindly plus I've seen the positive results. It's very helpful for paw parents to keep these ointments handy

Nisha Sehrawat
To my surprise it works

I was sceptical at first but to my surprise it works wonderfully well. It is really effective and most importantly ayurvedic 😊

N Agrawal
Heal Pet

I was using iodine based ointment on my pet's wound since long but it was not getting cured. But after using Heal pet for few days , he has started showing signs of recovery. I found this product extremely useful.

Hrithik Rana
BEst creams.

Best for pet’s skin issues.

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