why dogs bury things

Ever found your dog randomly scratching the bed, floor, or edge of the wall? Wondering what is driving him to bury things? Be it their favorite toy or a stinky shoe, your beloved pet digs and hides away the 'treasure'. While burying isn’t necessarily a bad habit, the consequences of constant digging can be destructive to your property and harmful to your pet's health. Here's the answer to your curiosity to know the reason behind Why Do Dogs Bury Things; check out our article below.   

Reasons Why Do Dogs Bury Things 

Natural Instinct

One of the reasons why dogs bury things is because they are adapted to do it. Dogs have a natural drive to bury their possessions like food items or toys. This instinct has been inherited from their canine ancestor - Wolf. The fear of starvation and protecting food from predators is common among dogs. This makes them hide the leftovers by burying them under the ground. 


As a coping mechanism to escape from anxiety and insecurity, dogs find peace in digging and burying objects. Dogs tend to protect their meals from scavengers and other dogs. A household having multiple pets might expose them to competition for food and toys. This makes the dog chew his toys and kibble between the couch cushions or under the furniture.


The utilization of energy is found in different ways to occupy themselves. If your dog buries certain objects, it is probably because they are bored. Dogs see it as a way of entertainment and try to grab your attention and invite you to play along. Moreover, a dog that lacks mental and physical activities practices burying more often. The mental stimulant Rubber Chew Bone can be given to encourage non-destructive chewing among dogs by keeping them occupied.

Over Feeding 

A more obvious reason for dogs to bury their food is that you might be feeding them extra. Unknowingly, you might be giving too much food to your dog, which he buries and saves for later use. Your dog might be trying to bury items because he is full now to eat all at once. Thus, he wants to save the food to enjoy it again later. Well, if you thought your dog isn’t that smart, think again! 

Variant Breeds

The burying behaviour of a dog also varies depending on its breed. Some breeds strongly feel the urge to bury their possessions while others may not. Terriers and other members of the hound group like Beagles, Dachshund and Bassets are highly inclined to dig and bury objects. These breeds were bred deliberately to retain their hunting skills and preserve their 'caches'.


Digging is a great way for dogs to release their stress and anxiety. Most active diggers suffer the anxiety of separation from a loved one. Dogs channel their negative emotions into something productive.

If your dog is witnessing episodes of anxiety, try giving them Calm Pet Anti Anxiety Tablets. It contains stress relieving and anxiolytic herbs like Ashwagandha, Mandukaparni, and Brahmi that reduce anxiety among pets.


Seeing your dog caching isn't something you need to worry about. It is normal for dogs to bury their possessions. Some of the common reasons include a sense of security, belongingness, instinct and boredom. You can try giving them enough mental and physical stimulation to keep them occupied. Take them for walks, play games and expose them to fun activities. Make sure your dog is happy and has safe places to eat and play. For more fun activities related to dogs, check out our YouTube channel

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Do Dogs Bury Things 

  • Why Do Dogs Bury Things ?
    Some of the common reasons why dogs bury things include the sense of security, instinct, possessiveness, overfeeding or boredom. Besides, it may also depend upon the dog's breed.
  • Where can dogs hide things in the house?
    Besides the garden area, your dog might be hiding things under the carpet, bed or blanket, behind couch cushions, or in a dirty laundry pile.
  • How to stop dogs from burying things?
    Keep your dog occupied by involving them in mental and physical exercises, taking them for walks, playing games and exposing them to fun activities. Make sure he has enough mental stimulation.
  • What not to do when stopping dogs from burying things?
    Do not chase your dog or make a fuss around them. Avoid hitting or yelling and be cautious of using any negative reinforcement. For all you know, hiding may be passed on to them genetically. There’s no reason why a dog should be reprimanded for displaying genetic behaviour.