Why should you adopt an indie dog

India has been a host to many unique things - cultures, religions, artifacts, and many more. We are also popularly known for being the most populous country in the world. So, the fact that we are a house to multiple dog breeds - both foreign and native comes as no surprise. However, did you know that India is a shelter to almost 21 fascinating native breeds we’re hardly aware of? Here's Why Should You Adopt An Indie Dog?

We know you are curious to know more about them, aren’t you? This is exactly why we have listed down a number of reasons why Indie dogs make for great pets. Beware, once you finish reading this, you won't be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them and might even consider adoption. Let’s begin:

They are Low Maintenance

Street Dog in India | Fur Ball Story

First and foremost, Indie dogs are self-sufficient and can adapt to a variety of living conditions. Being born in the subcontinent, they are best suited to live and grow in the Indian climate. They are also generally healthy and don't require a lot of special care. Minimal time, effort, and money are required to keep them well-groomed and healthy. Their maintenance and grooming, hence, fall easy on the pockets as compared to other foreign breeds.

They are Intelligent 

Indie dogs are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness. They do, however, like other breeds require some training to help them easily adjust to a homely lifestyle. But they can be trained easily given their street-smartness, friendly nature and ability to adapt well. They make for excellent companions once properly socialized.

They are Loyal

Indie dogs are fiercely protective and loyal to their owners. Their fierce protective instincts mixed with their ability to sense danger make them excellent watchdogs. However, If you plan to adopt these adorable dogs you may want to avoid taking them out of their areas forcefully. Indie dogs are very protective of their territory and may feel threatened.

They are Social 

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Indie dogs are used to living in groups and are generally friendly with other dogs and people. They are very social and amicable and make for a great companion with kids and adults alike. Indie dogs are one of the most versatile dog breeds.

They are Communicative

In addition to being intelligent, our indie dogs are also highly communicative. They are naturally expressive and very easy to get along with. This expressive nature ensures an easy flow of communication that further helps in their training process. Their training progress can be tracked by the changes in the way they express themselves. With proper care and training, they can be your best buddy for a lifetime.

Overall, adopting an indie dog or a street dog is a great way to get a wonderful companion who is easy to love, care for, intelligent, loyal, and socially adaptable. By adopting an indie dog, you are also helping support the animal welfare efforts in India, where many of these dogs are homeless and in need of loving homes. Stay tuned with Fur Ball Story.