Dog with his family

Will you be able to manage your time? Is your family ready to own a pet? In this blog of Questions to Ask Yourself Before Bringing a Pet Home, explore a series of factors that will ensure the happiness of your new friend. So, let's embark on the journey of self-reflection together!

Owning a pet is a long-term companionship that endures love, patience, and dedication. The idea of having a playful mate brings along a sense of responsibility that requires careful consideration and preparation. Evaluating your lifestyle, commitment, and readiness to provide a loving and nurturing environment is a prerequisite. Following are the fact0rs to consider before bringing a pet home:


Considering the factor of affordability is crucial before bringing a pet home. From the initial cost of adoption to vaccination, veterinary care, food, grooming, and other expenses require you to be financially stable. Also, you must be prepared for any unanticipated medical emergency and treatment costs that may arise in the long run. So carefully plan a financial budget and consider pet insurance to avoid potential economic burdens.

Time Management 

Time management is necessary when it comes to owning a pet. Your pet will require time for feeding, grooming, exercising, giving attention, and regular walks with him. Ensuring an adequate amount of care and affection is necessary. Moreover, time management enables you to maintain a balanced lifestyle by scheduling vet appointments, allocating playtime, or ensuring a consistent routine. Consider becoming a pet parent only if you think you can allocate enough time to him.

Stable Residence & Locality

This is a heads-up for you if you frequently relocate for study, work, or any other purpose. Relocating with your pet is not a piece of cake since it involves a lot of paperwork and medical check-ups of your dog. Moreover, factors such as the proximity of a vet, availability of outdoor activities, local regulations, climate, and related estimations must be made beforehand for a smooth pet ownership experience. In addition to this, changing locations may also result in several behavior changes in your pet. He may have acclimated to your old place & might require time and effort on your part to adjust to the new setting.

 Family & Lifestyle 

Introducing a new dog into your family might require an altered lifestyle. If you and your family like to travel a lot, booking tickets or finding trustworthy boarding facilities might be expensive and a hassle. In such cases, financial stability and training the pet are imperative. Positive reinforcement must be ensured for a positive association with seeing a new pet. During your time in the office, there must be someone to supervise your pet at home, since loneliness can land them into anxiety and emotional breakdown. Another good option is to train them for staying at home while you are away. But again, this is not a viable option if you intend to stay out for longer durations.

Pet-Proofed House  

Out of all the questions to ask yourself before bringing a pet home, are you prepared for a chaotic home for at least the first 2 years of bringing a new pet? The poop, pee, chewed furniture, distorted cushions, and scattered dog hair everywhere are something that you will frequently encounter. However, training your pooch requires time and effort not to create a mess. 

Many things around you might be essential for you but hazardous to your pet. It includes medicines, chocolates, soaps, cosmetics, and the list goes on. Just like we keep these things reach out of our infants, pets too need to be trained so that they don’t swallow these unwanted things. Additionally, you must be equipped with a collar, leash, food & water bowls, grooming supplies and First Aid Kits beforehand.

When considering adoption for dogs, we would always push you to give a home to the numerous indie dogs looking for love, care and shelter. If their unconditional love could not convince you, here are some more reasons Why you should adopt an Indie dog.