Who Are We?

We’re a young organization with a vision to make pet ownership hassle free. We provide different services to make the lives of pet owners and pet lovers seamless. We have an ecosystem of pet owners, pet lovers, animal behaviorists and dog trainers who help each other grow efficiently and effectively. Established in 2016, Fur Ball Story has been making a difference in the lives of dogs as well as dog lovers. Our focus on working with international quality standards has been instrumental in garnering a loyal and satisfied customer base, thereby making us the fastest growing brand in the Indian Pet space.

Fur ball story team members
fur ball story founder

What Do We Do?

The foundation of our company was built on Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) – a technique used to reduce stress and increase happiness in the lives of humans with the help of therapy trained dogs. As this concept gained momentum and we started living with our therapy dogs, we encountered several pet-parenting issues. That’s when we pivoted to address these concerns. Our offerings include Dog Boarding, Pet Therapy, Dog Café, Dog Training, Pet Taxi, Dog Walking, and Ayurvedic Medicines for the dogs.

Basically, we set out to address three major issues - lack of regulated pet services, lack of regulated and government-approved products for the pets, and obsolete ways of doing business in the pet industry.

Despite having one of the largest companion animal population, our country is currently facing a shortage of standardized & licensed products as well as services in the pet space. The issue is that the skillset required to be a trainer, walker, or handler of animals is hardly maintained in the Indian pet industry. In fact, India is lagging way behind the standards of other developed nations. The traditional methods used by such pet business owners is such that it fails to produce optimum results and maximum efficiency, thereby hindering the growth. Most of the pet healthcare products manufactured in the country are unlicensed, unregulated and lack a scientific basis and research. It’s shameful to mention that the vast pet population of the country sustains on such products. These three problems combine to make a major issue i.e., inconvenient pet parenting, and we aim to resolve just that.

About Our Products

The veterinary industry across the world is mostly dominated by Allopathic medicines, ignoring the importance of natural healing in animals. Animals always healed themselves from the plants available in the nature itself. Our approach is to use the power of plants to bring back the concept of natural healing in animals. We are using a wide range of plants and herbs to formulate the best of medicines that will help not in just physical, but mental healing of animals.

Ayurvedic products for dogs

Our Mission

We strive to simplify pet parenting with nature's healing powers. Our aim is to integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with contemporary science for the ultimate wellness of our beloved pets. We are committed to delivering expert advice, valuable insights into the world of canines, and comprehensive pet services. Join us on this journey!

Our Inspiration

Nakul Samhita – Prince Nakul & Sahdev from Mahabharata were experts in treating animals with the help of herbs available in the nature. Humans owe one to animals, we have received most of our current ayurvedic knowledge with their help. Ayurveda itself, also, has separate branches for animal care such as Ashwa-Ayurveda, Gau Ayurveda, Hasti Ayurveda, Gavya Ayurveda, etc.

Our Vision

India currently has over 30 million pets including dogs and cats. This number is increasing at 15–18% per annum as the millennials are becoming more sensitive towards animals. With these numbers, there will be an ever-growing demand of healthcare products in the industry. Our vision is to cater to all this companion animal population and introduce them to natural healing.