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Dog boarding in gurgaon

Dog Boarding

Taking a trip? Why not give one to your dog as well? With AC rooms and spacious kennels for dogs, our boarding is one of the highest-rated boarding facilities in the Delhi-NCR region. With us, your pooches are always under care as we have 24X7 CCTV surveillance along with skilled and trained staff who can handle your fur babies well. A day at Fur Ball Story’s dog boarding services for your pets includes

  • Clean & Hygienic Accommodations
  • Nutritious Meals (customized as per your pet’s diet)
  • Fun Time Activities & Supervised Interactions
  • Proper Hydration
  • Mid-Day & Evening Snacks
  • Medications (provided by you with proper instructions)

We have provisions to provide a customized diet to your pet. We’ll accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have and won’t charge anything extra for feeding or administering medication. Upon coming on board, we will make a WhatsApp group with you and our manager, where regular video and photo updates will be shared. Our welcoming and caring staff will make every effort to make Fur Ball Story feel like your dog’s home away from home. Your dog will enjoy supervised open play with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) during the day and sound sleep at night when you board them, whether it’s for an overnight visit, a weekend away, a full-fledged holiday, or prolonged care.

Dogs boarding with us will enjoy a staycation, burning off any excess energy during a full day of play with our day-care dogs. Dogs are separated into supervised playrooms counting on size, play style, and temperament, ensuring the comfort and safety of all our guests. There will also be plenty of time for naps and breaks, should they require them. If your dog has lunch, he/she is going to be fed at the start of naptime and will have plenty of time to digest their food before they are allowed to play again.

We make sure to provide a secure place to rest, it allows them to enjoy some “me” time, also allowing the staff to safely dispense individual food for dogs who eat lunch and/or medication, if applicable. Almost like children in daycare, dogs tend to simply adapt to the naptime routine as it’s at the same time each day and all their friends are enjoying the, often much-needed, downtime as well. During naptime, the staff also thoroughly cleans each playroom to make sure the room is safe and clean before another exciting round of afternoon play.

Simple Guidelines to Ensure Your Pet’s Pleasant Stay

We request all our guests to respect the following guidelines:

  • Owners are requested to pick up & drop their pets at our boarding facility (pre-requested pet taxi can also be arranged)
  • The boarding charges are to be deposited in advance
  • Our team will be regularly updating you regarding your pet’s well-being through WhatsApp. We request our guests to not ask for constant updates
  • After an exciting boarding experience, it’s important to make sure your dog adapts well to being back home as well. Therefore, we recommend waiting a minimum of three hours from the time you arrive home to offer their next meal. Again, they’re going to be very happy to be home and quite excited. Almost like the side effects of drinking water too quickly, eating too quickly may cause an illness.
Dog Boarding in gurgaon
  • You are encouraged to bring any bedding that will make your dog feel “at home” and we will provide it only to them.
  • Fur Ball Story may be a very active environment, with the dogs interacting for several hours per day. Irrespective of whether your dog ran around all day or not, simply being awake can make them very, very tired. After returning home, most dogs sleep for the day getting 18 or more hours of sleep. Although we’ve got a two-hour nap time, along with the usual eight hours of sleep per night, they’re going to be exhausted with the massive amount of social interaction involved. Please allow them to rest. We don’t recommend taking them to a dog park or any other such social environment for at least a few days.
  • Our boarding facilities are fully equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to bring your pup to our location for daycare before an overnight or extended stay. We recommend a minimum of one day of daycare prior to your dog’s overnight stay – three days of daycare is ideal. This allows your pup to get used to the facility and staff, enabling them to have a better overall experience. Your dog will become comfortable with our staff and learn that you will be coming back to take them home. It will also give our staff an opportunity to learn about your pup’s personality and play preferences.
  • We offer Dog Boarding Services in Gurgaon only. Click here to know more.

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