Therapy Dogs and Their Magical Healing Powers

The invaluable connection between humans and dogs exists since ancient times. From being our loyal friends to guardian angels, dogs have played multifaceted roles for the mankind. Therapy dogs, however, take this connection to a whole new level. They are specially trained to provide emotional support, comfort, and companionship to individuals facing mental challenges. These furry heroes possess an extraordinary gift: the power to heal, lighten up moods and carry a bunch of joy. Simply petting and hugging them can be a great stress buster that takes us away from our woes. In this blog, learn about therapy dogs and their magical healing powers.

What is a Therapy Dog?

In a world full of stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, there still exists a remarkable source of comfort and solace - therapy dogs. These are specially-trained dogs to provide affection, comfort and support to people in multiple settings. From visiting a senior in assisted living to helping corporate employees destress, therapy dogs undoubtedly illuminate the lives of people in the dark. Animal Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is the term used for such dog therapies. The ultimate goal of this animal intervention is to improve the patient's social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.

Therapy Dogs in Action 

These incredible canines can be seen giving therapies to work their magic at various places. Here are some places you might find therapy dogs making a difference.

  • Corporate Offices: For employees hustling between tight deadlines and work-life responsibilities, therapy dogs help them relax and unwind.
  • Medical Setups: Hospitals and nursing homes are the best-known venues for therapy dogs where they visit different patients to destress them.
  • Disaster Response: Therapy dogs are deployed to disaster-stricken areas to provide comfort to survivors and relief workers, helping ease the pain of loss.
  • Rehabilitation Centers: They assist the affected individuals in physical and occupational therapy by motivating them to engage in activities and exercises.

The Magical Healing Powers 

What sets therapy dogs apart is their ability to offer unconditional love and unwavering companionship. Their presence alone can have an incredible impact on people's emotional and physical well-being. Here's how therapy dogs show their magical healing powers:

  • Curing Diseases 
  • Pet therapy has a proven track record of resolving physical as well as mental ailments. It helps in lowering blood pressure, enhances cardiovascular health in humans, promotes joint mobility and motor abilities and improves individual or aided movement. Besides, it helps treat patients diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, autism, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and Alzheimer's disease. 

  • Mental Wellness 
  • Interacting with therapy dogs lowers stress hormones, reduces anxiety, and releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin. Such interactions increase mood-boosting hormones and decrease stress hormones in humans. Moreover, some of the mental and psychiatric disorders are known to respond well to therapy dogs.

  • Mood Upliftment 
  • Spending time with a therapy dog can lift spirits, improve mood, and provide a sense of comfort. It induces happiness, relieves sorrow, promotes greater self-esteem and positively impacts a person’s perspective on life.

  • Enhanced Socialization
  • Therapy dogs help us to enhance our verbal communication, strengthen social skills and boost self-esteem. They improve interactions with people around, participate in activities, and combat feelings of isolation. 

    FBS Special 

    Therapy dogs possess a unique and magical ability to bring comfort, healing, and joy to those in need. Their presence transcends words, offering a silent but powerful form of support to individuals facing life's challenges. These remarkable dogs, along with their dedicated handlers, remind us of the profound impact that love, compassion, and connection can have on our lives. Fur Ball Story’s Therapy Dog- Angel, has helped various individuals heal by simply being around them. She has been trained to stay calm and help people heal through their traumas. You can connect with us to meet her! 

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