Travel hassle free with pets

One of the most difficult and heartbreaking decisions you probably had to make as a pet parent was saying goodbye to his puppy eyes before leaving for a trip. The dilemma faced by pet parents who want to explore the world is whether to leave their furry companion behind or take them along. Leaving them behind spoils the fun of traveling, but taking them along can sometimes be a hassle. For pet parents who want to explore the world, check out the comprehensive guide on how to Travel Hassle Free With Your Pets

What if we say that we can help you solve this dilemma? With awareness and passion hitting the hospitality industry, there is a surge of pet-friendly conveyance and accommodations in recent years. We have some pet-friendly travel guidelines for every means of transportation that will help you explore the world with your favorite companion.

How To Travel With A Pet?

Who loves to leave a family member behind, especially when it is furry and adorable? Having a fur traveler along will only add up to the adventure.

While you look out for safe pet-friendly places to stay at your destination, you must also explore the mode of transportation to give them the best experience. Traveling with your fur baby isn't easy. You have to find the most convenient and safe way to travel so that it doesn't impact your pet’s health. We have listed down things you must remember while traveling with your pet, irrespective of whatever transport you opt for. Try Bark On Board - Travel Kit for Dogs!

How To Travel By Car?

Nothing is better than a road trip in your vehicle. It is one of the most convenient ways to travel with your pet. Comfort and liberty to stop wherever you want are beyond words. But before you hit the road you must be sure that your pet doesn't have motion sickness.

Before getting on the road, take your pet on drives to make them comfortable with traveling in a car. Watch out for how they respond while they are in the car and once you have reached home. Apart from this, remember the following points as well:

  • For the safety of your furry co-passenger, get them a harness or carrier. This is like a seat belt for them, preventing them from hopping in the car and diverting you from the road.
  • Remember the phrase "Less food, more water". Before leaving, make sure that your buddy is fed well and is well hydrated. Carry some extra water bottles in case you or your pet feel thirsty.
  • Never leave your pet in a locked car, especially during summer when the temperature is already high. This can lead to a heat stroke which can turn out to be life-threatening.

How To Travel By Train?

Trains have always been amusing, thanks to the suspense of traveling with a total stranger, and our Bollywood dream of meeting Aditya from Jab We Met.  Well, you might not find Aditya but can surely have a furry company all the way (plus, they are great people magnets)! The train is by far the most common and convenient option for long-route travel. While looking at the mesmerizing views, you can make some new friends on the go.

Indian Railways has already established some rules for you if you wish to take your cuddle buddy along. Keep them in mind when traveling with your pet to ensure their safety. The general guidelines include:

  • They can only travel in AC First Class coach.
  • They must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times.
  • You must pay a minimal (prepaid) fee in order to take your pet along on a train ride. Consider this a ticket for your pet.
  • Always carry water and food for them as railways don’t have any provision for that.

Prevent the hassle by booking an entire cabin or coupe for yourself. In case you have co-passengers you have to take their consent and submit it in the Parcel office. But remember, if your co-passengers are not comfortable or find your dog creating chaos, the authorities might ask you to deboard at the next station.

How To Travel By Plane With A Dog?

You might not have even thought of bringing your beloved pets on a flight. However, it is possible to fly in India along with your pet. Pets are welcome on almost all flights, however, every airline has varying requirements. There is an age limit on travel. Pregnant dogs and dogs below the age of 8 weeks are not allowed to board the flight due to safety reasons. Here are some more points to keep in mind while traveling with a pet on a plane.

  • Check with the Veteran if your pet is suitable for a flight. This is because some breeds aren’t suitable for air travel as it can cause them stress, breathing issues, anxiety, and even heat stroke.
  • Look at the guidelines that are mentioned on the airline's website to ensure smooth transit.
  • Get them a carrier that is big enough for them to easily lay down, turn around, sit and stand in.
  • While you book the flight, choose one with no layovers (if possible).

While you may be preferring cargo over in-cabin but in-cabin travels are safer for your pets. Cargo travel may give your dog an unpleasant experience which can later cause them health troubles. After your flight, if you notice any signs of distress, take them to the vet right away.

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