What We Love To Do

We will bring our furry army to you or take care of your pooch when you're out!

workplace dog!


Our working dogs are well trained to provide therapy to all the employees at your workplace, be it the stress from client servicing, or the tension that comes due to adherence to the deadlines, our pooches have been trained to punch your woes away. Playing with them is the perfect kind of recreational activity you can imagine.

school dog!


We organize seminars and awareness sessions for students, to acquaint them with the manner in which a child is to deal with fur balls. Apart from this, our furry army is always up to act as stress busters for teachers and tension-stricken students.

hospital dog!


It is a proven fact that dogs are a child’s best friends. Our Furry Army is more than happy to motivate, entertain and help the patients in child wards. Not just this, dogs help a lot in reducing the stress of surgeons.

residence dog!


From entertainment and surprises in parties, to counselling and awareness sessions, you name the reason and we will be there, right at your doorstep. If you want to get a dog but aren’t sure how your family will get along, give us a call and we will get our dog for you to figure out the rest.

advertisements dog!


Want a photoshoot, a youtube video, or a TV commercial with a fur ball and cannot figure out who will be most comfortable doing it? Don’t worry, we are here to help you on every step. We are just a call away!

home boarding!


We would be happy to take care of your pooch while you're not at home. We'll make sure he feels at home by giving him his private room. How cool is that?


Call us to know more about FurBallStory or book a session with us.