Fur Ball Story

Who we are!

The Fur Ball Story has been initiated by a bunch of animal lovers, who are committed to reduce stress and add happiness in today’s stressful life of corporate executives. We aim to leverage the stress reducing effect of human-dog interaction, a concept successfully implemented in various industries across the world.

We are the first company to introduce this concept in India since we think that with the rising economy of the country, the stress levels are increasing at an alarming rate. This stress, if not treated, may even cause clinical depression in certain cases and hence we want to offer our services to help with the same.

Apart from spreading love through our fur babies, we also believe in adding some love and affection in the lives of stray and abandoned pooches. Our organization whole heartedly works for the betterment of the underprivileged canines.

Meet The Team

Kunal Daral

Had he not worked as hard as he did and pulled off all-nighters seamlessly, you wouldn’t have been reading this. Furballstory owes its life and soul to the efforts put in by him; nowhere will you find such dedication and determination to adhere to all the stinky deadlines.

Animesh Katiyar

One may call him the quintessence of a lazy yet motivated person. It’s very difficult to find such people and the Furry Army is glad to have smelled the vibes of such a great planner.


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